Payment Information

To make payments for Venture, Victorian Pre-Tour, Expeditions and all other costs, we prefer you to use the online registration system. If you cannot pay online, you can do a bank transfer/EFT.
All transactions for AV2018 and Victorian Contingent will be recorded through the online registration system.

Paying with the Registration System

Payment options will appear after you have complete and submitted your application.
The payment system accepts both Visa and Master-Card.

You will need to login to the registration system to complete any transaction.
To access the payment system, proceed to the and login using your account details.
Once you are logged in, proceed to the 'Status/Other' tab, and then click on 'Make a Payment'

Paying via EFT

Bank Details

email: Please email a copy of the transfer remittance/receipt to with payment date, Venture ID and full name.
Is it important to include the ID and name in the transaction, or else we cannot track your payment and it will not be paid against your name.

If you have any questions about payments, individual payment plans or finances, please contact